Bay leaf for oily skin: DIY facial toner

You keep tonifying, spraying and patting a cream into face but after a few hours it shines as if you overdid with a highlighter? Perhaps the information that excessively shining face is a nightmare of most women will be slightly comforting to you. Sadly, facial toners, lotions and pastes work for a short period of time, but luckily we have found out a perfect toner for oily skin, which is cheap and easy to prepare. All you need is to reach for bay leaves.

Bay leaves in face care

Bay leaf extract is successfully used in many cosmetics designed to oily and combination skin care. It can be also found in products dealing with acne-prone skin, skin with scars or post-acne marks.

One of the best cosmetics to tame this unruly face shine is bay leaf distillate. However, instead of looking for it in a pharmacy or herbal stores, you can prepare one at home.

Concentrated bay leaf extract is also added to specialist bar soap, yet their price reaches… some ridiculous levels. This is another argument for creating your own homemade and simple bay leaf facial toner.

Bay leaf facial toner: Benefits

Bay leaf facial toner exhibits disinfecting, cleansing any antimycotic properties. What’s interesting, this toner doesn’t only serve face skin but also back and cleavage skin – after all, these are areas where imperfections appear too.

As mentioned above, it disinfects and helps skin get rid of cuts or post-acne marks. It keeps skin matte for really long, prevents appearance of unhealthy skin and controls sebum production. Moreover, it’s found irreplaceable in treating oily and combination skin types as well as for the skin that requires mini-detox (it collects impurities that gather on face throughout a day). Also, bay leaf toner is useful for treating skin ‘living’ in a big, full of urban pollution city. In other words, bay leaf facial toner leaves skin clean by freeing it from impurities.

Undoubtedly, this type of cosmetic has many advantages. This preparation made from bay leaf reduces visibility of skin pores, disinfects skin, normalizes the amount of secreted sebum thanks to which, obviously, it limits skin shine (don’t overdo with using the toner since it works like an astringent). Additionally, it’s probably one of the cheapest facial toners in the world! You can prepare it any time because there is always a bay leaf at home.

DIY: Bay leaf facial toner. Recipe

The recipe for bay leaf facial toner is really simple. All you need to do is take 3 big bay leaves and pour approximately 50-60 ml water over them. Use low heat to make it boil. Now, you can let the infusion cool down (best if you put a lid on and place somewhere dark). Your bay leaf facial toner is now ready!

This world’s cheapest facial toner can be poured into a decorative bottle and kept in a fridge. Use it morning and evening but be careful because this homemade beauty product loses its properties within 4 days. Then you simply have to prepare a new one.

Bay leaf hair rinse. Recipe

If it’s the 4th day and you are left with the bay leaf facial toner, you can use it as a hair rinse. Do you remember your grandma washing her hair in vinegar hair rinse? Do the same with bay leaf facial toner. You can apply it either before or after washing, yet make sure that the strands are damp. If you treat your pre-washed hair with bay leaf hair rinse, you can let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Keep massaging it delicately into scalp. Bay leaf will help your hair shine beautifully and additionally it won’t get greasy that fast.

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