How to Make Your Lashes Longer? Enhancers test

Who wouldn’t like to have long, lust lashes? We all do, that is why we have tested three popular lash enhancers for you. We have created the list of the most popular lash serums and we went to the city to look for volunteers who would declare to use our products for 12 weeks. We found three middle-aged women in the Westfield Shopping Centre who were happy to try the enhancers. Ladies filled the application form and were provided with two bottles of serum. Each women was to test the different enhancer. Eleven weeks later, we got in touch with our volunteers and here is what we found out.

Jasmine, 36 RevitaLash
‘I was over the moon when I was picked as the one who is going to get the Revitalash for free as I was planning to buy it anyway. According to the instruction I was applying the serum once a day and I let it dry for 10 min or more, then I put my make-up on. For the first two weeks, I could feel a tingling sensation on my lids but it was noting major and then it went away completely. My lashes are much, much longer but I also expected them to be thicker. Unfortunately, when it comes to their density, nothing has changed. I do have mixed feelings about this product. My eyes look now as if I had extensions done, poor quality one to be honest. Long and thin lashes do not look natural and it is not what I was hoping for. If I were to buy it for my own money I would be rather disappointed’. My score is 7/10

Sam, 34 Nanolash
‘When I was approached by you guys, I didn’t know if I want to commit myself to such a long treatment but then I thought that I have nothing to lose. And I am glad I did it. Just after my second month with this enhancer, my lashes have doubled in density and were very long. After the third month, I must say that this is truly my Holy Grail in lash growth. I also noticed that they are darker and stronger. Nobody believes these are natural! I do recommend it! My score is 9/10

Laura 33, Rapid Lash
‘I heard about this enhancer and I was happy to try. The results I have, however are far from I was looking for. My lashes are a bit thicker but the product has not lengthen them at all. It is a good serum if you want to nourish lashes and make them look healthier, fine. Not if you are looking for a massive lengthening and thickening. The application was simple and it took me no longer than 10sek. I am not entirely happy with this product. My score 6/10

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