K-Beauty – Korean Women’s Makeup Tricks

They are the masters of beauty care and makeup, being famous for beautiful, radiant skin. That’s why their makeup tricks are definitely worth discovering. Korean women’s makeup tricks – K-Beauty.

Foundation/ BB cream

Korean women apply a foundation or BB cream after applying skin care products. If pressed for time, they use a face mist for setting the makeup and making the application easier.


Cushions are highly popular in Korea – foundations and BB creams in form of intensively-soaked cushions. Korean women know that the application is as important as a cosmetic itself. They push down on the cushion and tap the product on the skin. This stamp-like application lets them make the best out of the cushion idea, ending up with a fresh and natural-looking makeup.


Korean women usually apply a concealer over the foundation. However, if they want a nude makeup, they apply a concealer first and then they move on to a BB cream or foundation.

A concealer is Korean women’s favorite beauty product. They use it for camouflaging open skin pores, dark under eye circles and pimples. What do they do when a concealer’s application is tricky? To keep them from hardening, they mix concealers with an under eye cream and then apply the mixture to the skin.


Korean women say that a primer, or a makeup base, is the best remedy for open skin pores. They tap it onto the oily T zone in small amounts to move on to other products in a moment. The primer evens out the skin and reduces the appearance of facial lines.

CC cream

CC creams are used by Korean women in different ways. In combination with BB creams, they give the desired effect of the wet skin. You may as well use CC creams for face contouring makeup. For this purpose, you simply apply a bit of the product to cheekbones and the Cupid’s bow. Moreover, a CC cream is cut out for… body contouring. To expose the collarbone and amaze with a glowing cleavage, Korean women apply it to the sticking-out bones with a puff or sponge. You can replace CC creams with a pressed highlighter.

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