Bleached hair care. How to restore its health and beauty?

Sunny, platinum, ash, golden – each of the shades of blonde has something that makes so many women decide to lighten their hair. Unfortunately, the care of bleached hair is not an easy task. How to take care of bleached hair?

Hair dyeing is one of the most popular procedures women go to the salon for. Unfortunately, darkening the hair is a burden, because the dye introduced into the hair can weaken its structure. Brightening is even more harmful because it involves hair discolouration. With naturally dark hair you have to first, remove the colour so that you can dye it to a much lighter shade. This makes the hair after bleaching much weaker than before. Without proper care, it will quickly become damaged, dry and fragile.

Hair after bleaching

One-time hair bleaching is not as harmful to the hair as regular repetition of this procedure. If a dark brunette wants to be blonde permanently, there are only two ways. Frequent bleaching will negatively affect the hair and in consequence, it will become damaged, dry and the only solution will be cutting the hair shorter. However, the other option is to take care of the hair in an appropriate way, protecting against water loss and preserving the colour, as well as strengthening its structure. Only proper care can protect us from the most common problems or colour-treated hair, which include:

  • dehydration of the hair,
  • dullness, roughness and fragility,
  • split ends,
  • excessive hair loss.

What does bleached hair need?

First and foremost, bleached hair requires proper care before, after and during the dyeing. If we introduce more intensive care at the stage of lightening, we will minimize the damage and facilitate the subsequent care of the hair. We will strengthen the hair, so it will not be so fragile and vulnerable to damage.


If you’ve been wondering how to combine hair bleaching with regeneration, the world-famous Olaplex is the perfect solution. It is a care system that is done during colour-treating or bleaching hair to minimize the harmfulness of the service.

Properly applied Olaplex prevents weakening and breakage of the hair – minimizes the risk of negative effects of decolourisation. Olaplex leaves the hair strong, smooth and full of radiance. It does not have split ends and is very nice to the touch. All thanks to the innovative set of substances contained in Olaplex products which are to rebuild disulphide bonds in the hair structures broken by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.

Olaplex is a three-step process which includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level:

  • Olaplex 1 – Bond Multiplier that needs to be added to the dye to protect your hair;
  • Olaplex 2 – Bond Perfector applied after colour-treating, before washing the hair;
  • Olaplex 3 – Hair Perfector – an intensive conditioner used between treatments.

Gentle wash 

Washing bleached hair is the moment when we can start taking care of the hair. Fragile and overprocessed hair requires gentle cleansing. The first washing of the hair after dyeing, however, can be done not earlier than after 24 hours. It is also worth remembering about using appropriate shampoos – without strong detergents that could irritate the scalp and dry out the hair. Shampoos with proteins are not a good choice in this case. These are components that build into the hair structure, which weakens the effects of lightening. For regular hair cleansing, it is worth reaching for hypoallergenic shampoos, intended for children (they are milder) or choose from cosmetics designed especially for coloured hair.

Hair oiling

As always, natural oils can save your hair after bleaching. The problem may be to choose the right oil that will allow our hair to recover and in order to do that, you need to know what porosity your hair has after colour-treating or dyeing. In this case, all oil ideal for damaged hair – that is highly porous hair – will be suitable. Frequent bleaching lifts up the hair scales and thus, increases hair porosity. The ideal oils for oiling hair after bleaching are:

  • Argan oil,
  • Cottonseed oil,
  • Evening Primrose oil,
  • Avocado oil,
  • Hazelnut oil.

Homemade methods

Are there any successful methods to take care of bleached hair in the comfort of your own home? First of all, you should protect it from the sun – you will need a hair oil or a mist with a UV filter. You can also simply use a hat. The sun’s rays accelerate hair ageing, dry it out and lighten the pigment. The hot styling also has a bad effect on the hair, so it’s better to give up on using a blow-dryer, curling iron and a straightener. If we want to make our hair brighter, we should do it with the hair-friendly, eco methods.

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