Idol Lash – Buy it or Not Buy It?

Idol Lash Growth Serum has become very popular among teenagers and women in their early twenties. Are its Fans truly happy with the Idol? It turns out that not the effectiveness but an affordable price is what attracts Customers to buy this products. Many of us are thinking about improving the condition of lashes but we usually do not want to spend a fortune on the lash serum.

The Idol Lash comes in a blue mascara-like tube with the small brush. The bottle has 5ml of the product that is supposed to last for four months. The Idol Lash is not available in drug stores and the only place you can buy it is the internet. The price vary depending on the channel you are buying it from but is should cost no more than £20.

To get the best result, the Idol Lash recommends applying the serum once a day on a clean and dry skin. Although it has been dermatologically tested, it may be very dangerous if it gets into the eye. In this case, it is important to rinse the eye with warm water and contact the GP.

According to the producer, the Idol Lash Serum will increase the lash density up to 82% within 2-4 weeks. This kind of statement cannot be true because old lashes cannot be thickened. The only way to thicken lashes and make them appear fuller is to grow new lashes. Citing the Wikipedia ‘hair, which are also lashes, grow 0.5 inches per month’, which means that even if the hair bulb has been successfully stimulated, lashes will have no chance to grow is such a short period.

There are many more effective lash growth serums on the market, which contrary to Idol Lash need a bit more time the results to occur. The Latisse and Nanolash that are highly effective in lengthening and thickening lashes. This process requires using the serum systematically for at least 90 days. When we consider buying the Lash Growth Serum, make sure that you gather all information possible and more importantly use the common sense when analysing the ads. Disclosing marketing slang is easier that you thought.

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