How to use vitamin C for the best skin care ever?

Similarly to other vitamins, vitamin C needs to be used skillfully. Be careful and don’t combine it with some substances. Pick the ones that make the best match. Today we tell you how to use the most skin-friendly vitamin for breathtaking effects.


Products with low concentration of vitamin C can be applied both in the morning and evening whereas higher concentrations can be used only before sleep because they might cause skin irritations. When making use of vitamin C benefits, we cannot forget about the sun protection, even more so if we go for high concentrations. Bigger portions of vitamin C make skin more sensitive to the sunlight.


  1. Vitamin C + Resveratrol
    This is a desirable mixture in skin products. Resveratrol is a valuable polyphenol belonging to flavonoids. Not only does it stabilize vitamin C but also enhances its antioxidant power.
  2. Vitamin C + Rutin
    This duo also strongly inhibits oxidation. What is more, rutin (plant-derived flavonoid) delays oxidation of vitamin C, that is makes it work longer.
  3. Vitamin C + vitamin E
    Vitamin C is one of the most skin-friendly vitamins and it’s a good idea to combine it with other vitamin of youthness i.e. vitamin E. Vitamin C allows for effortless, rapid transportation of vitamin E inside the skin.
  4. Vitamin C + liposomes
    Pure, unstable vitamin C is rare in skin products these day since it’s been replaced by the liposome form. Vitamin C derivatives are closed in tiny liposomes and transported in the best form deeply inside the skin, inhibiting oxidation and skin aging process.

DO NOT combine VITAMIN C with these substances

It’s not advised to combine vitamin C with niacinamide (vitamin B3): this is a controversial duo, both substances may neutralize each other or – due to reaction between vitamin B3 and C – produce hazardous peroxide.

Still, you need to know that this warning applies only to pure, unstable vitamin C – L-ascorbic acid.

Thanks to amazing benefits, vitamin C enjoys huge popularity. Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate and 3-0 Ethyl ascorbic acid are the most effective, advanced vitamin C derivatives which are strong antioxidants. Both forms of vitamin C are stable and give wonderful effects, improving the skin’s quality.

Remember also that vitamin C shows its full potential in a serum allowing for in-depth absorption. Apply it before sleep before your fave moisturizer and enjoy flawless, rested skin after a few days.

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