How to remove makeup properly? Effective methods and essential cosmetics

Makeup removal is a crucial element of face care. Taking off impurities and washing down cosmetics should be done every evening so as to keep skin away from irritations, and even diseases. If you want to take care of your skin in a professional way, find out how to remove colour cosmetics the right way.

Why is makeup removal important?

First and foremost, makeup removal helps skin remain fresh and healthy. During this procedure, you set the face skin free from dust, sebum, sweat and other impurities that might clog skin pores and cause acne and allergy. Proper makeup removal allows skin to breathe and prepare it for further care. If some makeup residues are left on face, this may lead to redness, swelling, itchiness, acne and even serious dermatological ailments.

The best makeup removal techniques

There are several ways to clean face with. Each of them should include face scrub that effectively takes off impurities that are hard to remove for regular cosmetics. The very makeup removing techniques are:

  1. 2in1 or 3in1 micellar lotion – this is the fastest way to cleanse face with, which is connected with instant skin toning and moisturizing. It successfully replaces facial milk or toner.
  2. Single-use makeup removing wipes or moisturizing wipes – faster, yet a little bit less precise way of face cleansing. Works fine while traveling.
  3. Gels and mousses – are ideal to use them at home. Just dampen skin and apply either of these makeup removing cosmetics.

Cotton pads

To either apply a cosmetic to your face of remove the colour cosmetics, you can use cotton pads. Do you know that there are a few types of them? They differ in size which determines their destination. You can choose between:

  • small and round – the most frequently used. They are perfect for eye makeup removal, wiping face with a toner and removing nail polish. They can be also used for dressings and compresses;
  • medium-sized – they are universal. Such cotton pads deal with removing makeup, and when we dampen it, they can be used to remove facial scrubs and masks;
  • XXL – they remove all face makeup, including stage makeup.

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