How to do a photo-ready makeup?

Strong light underlines the imperfections of the beauty, the skin becomes pale and the facial features are not very clear. If you want to look nice in a photo, learn how to do a photo-ready makeup.

How to apply makeup perfect for a photo?

Concealing flaws 

Use a concealer similar to the natural shade of your skin to cover up pimples and blemishes. The lighter concealer will cover the dark circles under the eyes, and a green concealer will cover the redness around the nose and dilated capillaries. Before applying the foundation, wait until the concealer is absorbed into the skin. The skin must be perfectly mattified and colour should be even. Apply a strong mattifying foundation. Spread it thoroughly on the face, neck and neckline to avoid the effect of a mask. The flash will make the skin appear paler, so the foundation should be darker than the one you use every day. If you pose for a black and white photo, your face will look darker.

Face contouring

After applying the foundation, start contouring the skin with a bronzer and a highlighter. Apply the bronzer with the brush to those parts of the body that you want to make slimmer, that is, the line of the jaw, the sides of the nose, the temples and the space under the cheekbone. In turn, highlight the parts above the cheekbone and lips, the top of the nose and eyebrow arches. Add a bit of a blush in a natural shade to the apples of the cheeks. Finish the look by applying a bit of a transparent mattifying powder all over the face.

Contouring can be omitted if there are no obvious imperfections on your face.

Enhancing eyes and lips

Before you do your eye makeup, remember that the picture will seem less intense, so the colours can be stronger than usual. Avoid the golden shades that will give the eyelids an unhealthy, yellow colour, as well as pearl and brocade eyeshadows. Instead, go for matte or satin products.

To visually enlarge the eyes, apply a white pencil to the waterline and paint the inner corner of the eye with a light shadow. In addition, using an eyeliner, draw a line in the direction from the outer corner on the lower and upper eyelid. Firmly apply black eyelashes that extend mascara. If your eyelashes are thin and short, you can add artificial lashes.

As your lip makeup, go ahead and use a lipstick with a matte or satin lipstick. To make the lips look fuller, use a lip liner in a shade close to the lipstick. Avoid lip glosses.

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