Mineral make-up cosmetics. Are they better than traditional ones?

They are said to be safe for your skin, easy to use and give a natural and durable effects. Obviously, we are talking about mineral make-up cosmetics. More and more women are reaching for them when choosing their cosmetic products. Does this mean that they are better than traditional products? Let’s check it!

What are mineral cosmetics?

Mineral cosmetics are very delicate for the skin. For this reason they are recommended after dermatological treatments (laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion or botox). Mineral make-up cosmetics are recommended for acne-prone and allergic skin. Cosmetics in this group are fully natural with hypoallergenic formula. They are just right for problematic skin.

Mineral cosmetics are devoid of artificial, fragrance, oil or preservative substances. They contain: zinc oxide, chromium oxide, manganese oxide and ultramarine oxide. These ingredients are responsible for colour, care, absorption of sebum and skin brightening.

Ingredients of mineral cosmetics

Mika is responsible for skin brightening, which helps to optically reduce wrinkles. Zinc oxide has astringent, soothing and antibacterial properties. It also gently dries up spots and helps in the healing process of skin lesions. Titanium dioxide functions like a natural sun cream with SPF 15. Iron oxides, on the other hand, are responsible for the colours of cosmetics.

Mineral cosmetics for each of us

Mineral cosmetics, despite having rather loose formula, perfectly adheres to the skin. It is easy to apply a few layers of the product without worrying about the effect of a mask. It is enough to rub the products with circular motions to get a long-lasting and natural effect.

Lightweight mineral foundations emphasize the skin tone and highlight it gently. They are the best for sensitive skin because they neither overload nor irritate the skin. Also, they have curative properties, absorb sebum and dry out pimples. They are very good for allergic skin thanks to its delicate and natural composition.

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