Double the power. How to take care of eyelashes without leaving home?

Women love taking care of their beauty, although, they don’t always know how to do it properly. Eyelash and eyebrow care appears to be especially troublesome because we aren’t aware what the tiny hair needs to grow long. Let’s find out how to condition eyelashes with the aid of home remedies.

We want to have long lashes because they gift us with perfect look. This is a top-up of every make-up; hence, it’s so crucial to make them thick, extended and full of shine. Naturally, you can attempt to get false eyelash extensions done, yet a way better solution seems to be delivering proper care and bringing the natural beauty of lashes out. How to do it?


Eyelashes are the most delicate of all our hair therefore they require being treated with super gentle care. We shouldn’t expose them to chemical substances because eyelashes are highly damage-prone. It’s also important to keep them clean – the excess of impurities, make-up residues and oily cosmetics lingering on eyelids is a simple way to make eyelashes overburdened. What’s also crucial, it’s wiser to be very careful at removing make-up because it’s easy to pull lashes out or break them due to vigorous rubbing.

How to remove make-up to prevent eyelash damage?

  1. Damp a cotton pad with a delicate micellar lotion or a make-up removing lotion.
  2. Press the cotton pad to your closed eye and wait a few seconds to let the cosmetic melt the make-up.
  3. With a delicate motion remove the impurities heading the cotton pad towards the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Finally, wash the face with lukewarm water and a face gel.


If we want to take care of our eyelashes effectively, you may make a good use of an eyelash serum. It isn’t possible to strengthen lashes just by changing the way we remove eye make-up. Obviously, it’s an important issue because, thanks to this, we protect eyelashes against damages. However, they still need additional reinforcement. To help them grow properly, eyelashes need the following ingredients:

  • vitamins A, D, and some B-group vitamins like biotin,
  • minerals: iron, zinc,
  • antioxidants such as vitamin E,
  • omega 3 fatty acids.

A well-composed eyelash serum contains most of the above-mentioned substances, which eyelashes really need. For that reason, such a cosmetic is a way for effective treatment that accelerates eyelash growth and impedes thinning. Let’s look for eyelash serums which include vegetable extracts and go with a thin applicator that is similar in its form to an eyeliner. Such product serves better than, for example, castor oil because eyelash serums are absorbed faster by skin and reach eyelash bulbs quicker.

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