Winter Skin Care

When you plan the winter weekend out do not forget about your skin care. Even one day on the cold wind may cause you a lot of trouble if you have not protected your face for harsh weather conditions. What we will need is special creams, lotions, and lip balms. Keep your skin in shape even during cold winter months.

Weatherproof Skin Care

There is a common myth that during winter you should forget about moisturizing the skin and focus only on protective, oil-based products. There is some truth in it, but think what happens when you spend most of the day in your office or in other places. Whenever you are, the central heating is on. You may not realize how drying it may be to your skin. Use products that can gently hydrate your skin. You can find many skin care products on the market that have been designed especially for colder months.

Not many realize that during winter the sunrays are usually more harmful than during summer. Scientists have proved that you are more likely to get the sunburn when you sky down the slope than when you sunbathe next to the pool. The snow reflects the UV rays and they are very damaging to your bare skin. Use only the product that have the 25 SPF of higher. That includes your moisturizer, cream or foundation and the lip balm. Apart from moisturizing your skin, ensure the proper hydration inside out. Drink plenty of water or herb teas (black tea can dehydrate and green tea lowers your body temperature). Eat many autumn vegetables and legumes. Diet is very important and it has a huge impact on the way you look.

Seal in the moisture applying a thin layer of oil-based cream. Clarins Lotus Oil Facial Treatment Oil is the perfect example of the face product rich in Omega3 acids. It has also an anti-inflamatory and soothing properties. Put the BB, CC, DD creams on shelf until spring. Now all you need is a heavy-duty cosmetics, you do not want the Pure BB cram get frozen on your face when you take an evening stroll. You can also take the bath with a few drops of oil. You can use any oil you like; the purpose behind it is to leave your skin soft and moisturized after the bath. You need to remember not to bath in a hot water as it may strip you off your moisture. The warm or lukewarm would be just perfect.

Do Not Lick!

Don’t forget about your lips. The first rule in the winter lip care is not to lick your lips or eat when you are outside. When the weather is cold, your lips can get chapped and split. Regardless whether you want to wear lipstick or just a gloss always apply the oil balm first. If you do not have the good lip balm handy, you can use Vaseline, as it will work just great.

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