How to keep the under eye skin away from the skincare blacklist?

Long nights, hours spent in from of the computer, drinking too little water, lack of sun protection, stress, toxins, poor atmospheric conditions… it’s only a drop in the sea of mistakes contributing to the aging of the skin around eyes. How should you take care of it to keep it away from the blacklist of skincare?

What type of anti-aging cream and other cosmetics should you choose? How to perform correct make-up removal – you’ll learn all that from the article below!

Anti-aging undereye cream

Even the best face cream is too heavy as an undereye cosmetics. Those recommended for the skin around eyes have lightweight texture so they are easy to spread and absorb while skin is less subjected to pulling and stretching during the application. Undereye cream does not contain allergens but has vitamins and active plant-based extracts that provide hydration, stimulate collagen synthesis, flatten minor wrinkles, soothe irritations, and protect delicate epidermis against damage.

High-quality undereye cream – what should you look for in the composition?

To flatten wrinkles around eyes and to prevent them in the future, you should choose products with wheat proteins (improve skin elasticity), vitamin C (stimulates collagen production), or pseudobotulin (limits muscle tension, which is the cause for laughter lines or loosens them to flatten existing furrows). The cosmetic with confirmed anti-aging action that also reduces furrows and lines is retinol or vitamin A.

When it comes to dark circles or puffiness under eyes, the perfect cosmetic is vitamin C based cream with caffeine for blood and lymph circulation improvement. The perfect choice are also plant extracts with anti-swelling properties such as cornflower, arnica, or chestnut (those take care of microcirculation, improve blood vessels elasticity, eliminate swelling, and brighten dark circles).

Natural oils are yet another thing that perfectly conditions skin around eyes. Try cucumber seed oil, argan oil, shea butter, or coffee butter. They contain valuable oils and omega acids as well as vitamins and squalene, which skin around eyes is not able to produce on its own while it is known to perfectly protect skin against external factors.

Other undereye cosmetics

To improve skin condition and treat it to more advanced skincare, you should try special face masks in the form of collagen patches with algae or popular lately in mature skincare caviar, gold, ginkgo, or cucumber extract. The eye mask in the form of gel patches produces spectacular results though not very lasting. The effects hold for a few hours, for this reason, the manufacturers often recommend using them before going out. Collagen patches depending on the active ingredients:

  • deeply moisturize,
  • detoxify and make the skin more elastic,
  • flatten wrinkles,
  • brighten dark circles around eyes,
  • eliminate swelling.

Correct eye make-up removal

Eye make-up removal is a daily beauty routine for most women – that is why it is one of the most important elements of everyday cleanse. It should be done correctly especially around eyes. Keep in mind that overnight the residues of cosmetics can irritate conjunctiva and the skin around eyes. Use cosmetics dedicated to eye make-up removal with high quality that does not require you to rub the skin too harshly. The gentler you get rid of the cosmetics the less you pull the skin so you won’t subject it to wrinkles.

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