How to make your lashes look longer

Everybody wants to have long and lust lashes. What can you do if the Mother Nature was not generous enough to provide you with fat eyelashes? There a few options available.


We all know them. They were introduced a couple of years ago and they took the beauty industry by storm. Falsies were sold everywhere and they cost no more than £10.. Now, you can pick and choose false lashes in any colour and type. If applied properly, they can look very natural and flattering. A pair of falsies are great alternative if you would like to loook stunning on your wedding or the prom. The only disadvantage is that regardles of the type of false lashes, they have to be taken off before going to bed. It may also happen that the glue used to hold the lashes can cause some side effects such as skin redness or itchiness. They can make your eyes glamorous in a matter of minutes. We all heard about them but we do not dare to try. It may look bold and artificial but if we learn how to work with them, we can achieve very natural look.
The first and the most important thing when it comes to fake lashes is choosing the right set. The most popular lashes are produced by the Ardell beauty company. Unfortunately, they are not widely available and only few drugstores stock them. Another way you can get them is online.

Lash extensions

The effect achieved by lash extensions is more natural and definietely more lasting than false lashes. The false lashes come in different length, thickness, and curls. Extensions are attached one hair to one hair. The technical should be able to distinguish your lashes and attach the synthetic hair to your teenage or mature lashes to make sure they are strong enough to support the weight of the false lashes. The baby lashes are left alone so that they can continue to grow long and healthy. The false hair is glued 1-2 mm of space from your lash line so the adhesive is not touching the skin. The glue used in the treatment is chemical so the customer needs to have her eyes closed throughout the whole procedure.
Although the adhesive is not in the direct contact with the skin, some people are supersensitive and they may experience an allergic reaction. After the treatment, you should be advised not to use any oil-based make-up remover. Avoid any oily creams in the eye area for the time when you wear extensions. The less you touch, the longer the lashes will last. Do not use the waterproof mascara and if you can restrain from the water based one as well.

Eyelash Growth Serum

There are many effective lash enhancers on the market, the most popular of which are Latisse and Nanolash. The systematic application is the key to success when deciding on the treatment with a lash growth product. Lash serum is the most effective way that will allow us to have long and thick lashes for long. Specially combined ingredients including peptides and vitamins nourish the hair follicles making them stronger and more productive. Lashes that grow out of the healthy lash root is very thick, long and less likely to fall out quickly. When using lash serums such as Nanolash, we can expect first results within 4 weeks of daily use. The treatment normally last about 3 months, as lashes need time to be rebuilt. The cost of the treatment is less than £10 monthly.

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