Sensuality in a stick, a brush or a sponge? The types of lipstick

Lipstick is this type of cosmetic we try as soon as the primary school. For some women lips’ makeup is the only makeup they need. Lipstick can improve lips’ appearance significantly by ensuring optical enlargement, camouflaging any asymmetry, emphasize the natural color or on the contrary – provide some unusual color. How to choose the right lipstick since the choice is enormous and how to store it so it would serve you for a long time? How and when did this versatile cosmetic come to be?

When was lipstick created?

Tinting lips has a long history with its roots back in ancient times. The lipstick role was fulfilled by simple pigments such as dead beetles or rock fragments. Modern lipstick came to be in 1915 and created quite a fuss in the film industry as a black and white silent film actor’s attribute. This way filmmakers, in said period of time, were making it easier for the viewers to interpret actors’ facial expressions and indeed the dark lips on the pale face could show more than the ones in natural color.

Thanks to Elizabeth Arden lipstick was no longer used exclusively by movie stars but reached regular women. She was also responsible for expanding the color range by a few different shades of red.

A lot changed since then. We can choose out of lipstick in stick, brush, and sponge, in all colors you could think of. On top of it, lipsticks have all sorts of various properties and you can try millions of different brands. So, how to choose the right lipstick?

How to choose a lipstick?

The color and properties of the lipstick are key criteria when it comes to this cosmetic.

1. The lipstick’s color

The color range is wide – lipstick can have classic shades such as red, pink or nude as well as something entirely extravagant like black, violet or green. The actual color to choose depends exclusively on individual preferences. Nonetheless, it should suit you and match the occasion (morning beach walk, dinner with a loved one in a fancy restaurant, crazy club night).

2. The lipstick’s properties

There are matte, glossy, waterproof, long-lasting lipsticks. However, many women choose moisturizing lipsticks which besides tint offer also nourishment.

The properties are yet another reason you should choose lipstick accordingly to your needs. Some women wish to have beautiful lips all night long, for others lipstick shouldn’t lead to chapped lips.

How to store lipstick?

The temperature for storing lipstick should never go above 86┬░F – even if the lipstick is not melting, it may affect its durability. It would be best to keep lipstick in cool, shadowed place, or at least far away from the radiators and other heat sources.

You should never use your lipstick past the expiry date. For each application, this cosmetic is in contact with your lips and saliva, while not being suitable for cleaning. In order to extend the product’s use and protect yourself from bacterial infection, you should consider buying a lipstick brush and wash it after each application.

The types of lipstick

You can group lipstick by the properties or form; and so, you have classic stick lipstick, the lipstick in the tube with a brush or a sponge applicator, or lipstick in a jar.

The┬álipstick in the stick or with applicator do not need introductions because everyone has used it at least once in their life. The product with angled shape is convenient and doesn’t need any accessories for application. It is different for the jar lipstick because for its applicaton you’ll need a brush. Of course, you can always use your fingertip, however, it is highly unhygienic and not very precise.

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