Skin treatment with glycolic acid: indications, contraindications, course

The treatment with the use of glycolic acid is recommended for people who have problems with acne, seborrhoea, blackheads and scars, discolouration and stretch marks. Glycolic acid will also deal with actinolitic keratosis, rough skin and signs of ageing. If you do not know what the glycolic acid treatment is like, how to prepare yourself for it and what the contraindications to its implementation are, this article is just for you.

Treatment with glycolic acid – how to prepare for it?

Two weeks before the procedure, you are not allowed to sunbathe and use the solarium. One week before using glycolic acid, you should not perform exfoliating treatments with the use of other acids, or undergo waxing and electrolysis, and use retinoid cosmetics. In turn, men should not shave on the day of the procedure.

What is the treatment with glycolic acid like?

The person who performs the treatment with glycolic acid makes a thorough facial makeup removal, then degreases the face with a preparation with a small concentration of glycol. The lips, the nose and the eye area are protected with a thick layer of Vaseline. Glycolic acid is applied to several different areas of the face. The beautician who applies it, closely observes if there are any allergic reactions on the skin. The acid is left on the face for 5-7 minutes, after which it is neutralized and then washed away.

The concentration of glycolic acid is selected individually according to the skin type and other factors. In a situation where the skin is extremely resistant to its action, its various concentrations can be used during one treatment.

Treatment with glycolic acid – contraindications

Contraindication to the treatment with glycolic acid include pregnancy, breast-feeding, skin allergy and skin irritation. The treatment should not be given to persons using retinoid therapy and suffering from autoimmune diseases. Glycolic acid should be avoided in the case of herpes, cysts and when less than 2 months have passed since the surgery performed on the face.

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