What is the Permanent Make-Up Treatment?

Permanent Make-Up also known as Micro Pigmentation is to enhance your natural beauty and make the client look like herself, only better. The last thing the beauty technician wants is to make your face look as if it has been tattooed. Permanent Make-Up Treatment is the procedure of infusing hypoallergenic, safe pigments into the derma layer of the skin to create the appearance of a make-up or natural enhancements.

How permanent is the Make-Up?

Results lasts normally two to three years. The treatment originated from reconstructive sergeants when they were reconstructing people’s faces and bodies to complement the reconstructive surgery. Nowadays, from the medical standpoint, many skilled technicians are able to change the appearance of people who have been affected by certain medical conditions such as scaring.

What parts of the face can we have adjusted permanently?

Eye line is the most popular choice. When your eyes are accented, the whole face looks bright and fresh. The results you want to achieve are up to you. It can be as understated as you want or it can look like the full make-up.

Then the eyebrows are corrected and filled in. As we age, our brows tend to fade, so thanks to permanent make-up we can darker this area. Eyebrows frame your face, which is so important to keep them in shape. The brow enhancement will create very natural looking brows even if your hair is sparse or if you have no hair grow at all. In case you have a hair grow but you are not happy, your look, thanks to permanent make-up you can go through ultimate eyebrow makeover, which will perfect your brow shape and define the colour.

Lips and lip line treatment involves the use of digital equipment that allows the beautician to put the tinted colour across the complete body of the lip. With the help of permanent make-up, we can achieve subtle enhancement so that the whole lip has a tinted colour across it. It can be done as a natural look or it can have the look of the strong make-up.

Is permanent make-up similar to having tattoo?

It is similar in terms of the application and the process itself; however, the permanent make-up pigments are applied not as deep into the skin and the make-up tend to fade with time.

Why would you like to consider having permanent make-up

This kind of treatment can give you back what either time has taken away, what Nature has forgotten to give or what cancer therapy has done. Most women who decide for the treatment are busy mothers and businesswomen who simply want to cut their make-up routine.

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