Betulin: Powerful Ingredient for Faster Skin Repair & Hair Growth

Betulin is an ingredient getting popular in skin and hair care products. What should you know about this precious substance? It has really noteworthy properties that are worth making use of.

Being a novelty for some people, betulin-rich products are growing in popularity. The increasing interest in betulin cosmetics flows from the tests that have proved its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-viral effect.

What should you know about betulin before you decide on using products rich in this ingredient?

Betulin is an organic compound that occurs naturally in plants. It is extracted from common hazel, hornbeam and some species of alder. For the cosmetic industry, it’s usually extracted from white birch bark to create betulinic acid boasting great properties. Unfortunately this isn’t an easy process so we can’t do it ourselves.

Uses for betulin

As far as betulin goes, this is a natural ingredient in birch juice. Because it has a healing effect, it is commonly added to ointments and supplements. For the same reasons you can go to the pharmacy searching for different types of betulin-based cosmetics which prevent skin and hair aging, helping us keep young-looking for longer.

What properties does betulin display?

We start to appreciate the qualities of betulin and it’s one of the most powerful cosmetic ingredients presented by nature. What’s interesting, the substance is popular among scientists and being tested as a treatment for viral diseases and cancers. Currently, it’s used in pharmacy and cosmetology to:

  • prevent inflammation.
  • kill bacteria.
  • hold up an allergic reaction.
  • boost immunity.
  • inhibit oxidation.

In beauty products betulin counteracts free radicals so the aging process is delayed. The antiaging effect is really strong because it additionally enhances production of collagen and elastin – two fibrillar proteins ensuring skin’s plumpness. It also prevents dark spots, relieves skin and strengthens hair follicles so hair grows faster and stronger.


Summing up, there are no limitations when it comes to using betulin. Thanks to preventing inflammation, it’s a good choice for sensitive and acne-prone skins as well as for treating dandruff or itchy scalp.

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