Thermal Water for Top-Notch Skin-Care Routine and Superb Effects

Thermal water is a slightly underrated cosmetic ingredient. It’s rarely used alone even though every French gal will tell you it’s the best skin-care product. Why do thermal waters top “traditional” water in beauty products? See why it’s a must in your bathroom!

Thermal water. What is it actually?

This is deep ocean water so it’s pure and untouched by toxins, smog and pollution. It’s taken from underground (its sources go even 6000 metres under the ground!). Thermal water holds elements that benefit our skin. In other words, this water both hydrates the skin and provides it with powerful minerals.

Thermal water effect


Thermal water in skin-care routine: benefits for your skin

It gives you healthy, perfectly-hydrated, bouncy skin that boasts plumpness, youthful appearance and healthy tone. Thermal water leaves the face lovely-looking, radiant and healthy, plus it prevents skin’s dryness and irritations.

Thermal water in skin-care routine. Which one to choose?

There are three best thermal waters to choose from.

1. Avène Thermal Water

This water comes from the Sainte Odile spring in the south of France. It is ideally-suited to skin care – this low mineral content water is a rich source of perfectly-balanced minerals. The Avène water is praised for the optimal ratio of calcium and magnesium. This makes it a great healing agent. Silicon in the Avène Thermal Water strengthens blood vessels while copper accelerates the skin’s metabolism. Also, the product kills bacteria and helps get rid of acne and allergies. Cosmetologists keep testing the Avène water and confirm its effectiveness in treating psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and post-facial irritations. Additionally, it helps heal scars and itchiness. This thermal water can be used directly on the skin.

2. Vichy Thermal Water

Another French thermal water. It’s different from Avène because it’s rich in bicarbonate. Actually it contains as many as 17 mineral salts and 13 trace elements. It’s famous for soothing the skin and delivering perfect hydration. The Vichy Thermal Water aids skin after facials and sunbathing, bringing relief and conditioning the skin. It eliminates itchiness and redness and that’s why it’s ideal for sensitive, atopic skins. It also helps fight psoriasis and makes skin resistant to free radicals. The Vichy water is added to anti-wrinkle and acne treatments.

3. La Roche-Posay Thermal Water

This water comes from different sources. It contains rain water which is slowly filtered in deep, pure layers of the Earth and old water that has been underground for hundreds years (this thermal water is over 1700 years old!). Therefore, it boasts an exceptional blend of minerals and trace elements. The content of selenium – a very strong antioxidant which delays aging – is one of the substances that make it stand out. The La Roche-Posay Thermal Water quickly soothes irritated skin, heals and fixes damage on the skin’s surface. Additionally, it’s a perfect face toner.

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