Summertime! Take care of your skin before your summer holiday!

Have you planned your summer holiday yet? If so, great! You probably go to an exotic place with azure water and golden sand. And did you plan what your holiday skin care will look like? No? Check out how to protect the body and hair from UV rays and burns.

Is tan safe?

If you dose it sensibly, yes. What’s more, it even has a therapeutic effect. Thanks to the sun, vitamin D is produced in our body, and thus we become more joyful and our bodies are beautiful. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you tan too often and do not use protective cosmetics, you expose your skin to serious damage. These include skin ageing, wrinkles, blemishes, erythema, and burns in any case. UV radiation has such an effect on our skin and it comes in three subcategories:

  • UVA – causes slight erythema, cataracts, causes skin cancer and allergic reactions, penetrates through plastic and glass;
  • UVB – causes burns and erythema, accelerates the ageing of the skin, is responsible for the formation of a tan;
  • UVC -induces erythema very quickly, has a bactericidal effect, usually does not reach the surface of the Earth.

UV radiation – danger 

Unfortunately, spending long hours in the sun will not bring you anything good. Threats caused by reckless tanning include:

  • lack of smoothness of the skin;
  • unnatural and yellow skin tone;
  • more wrinkles;
  • dilated blood vessels;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • seborrhea;
  • severe skin changes that require consultation with a doctor.

Beautiful and healthy skin thanks to sunscreen

Luckily, many cosmetic companies keep in mind the well-being of our skin and include sunscreen in their cosmetics. They can be divided into the chemical sunscreen (they absorb the energy of solar radiation), physical ones that are otherwise called mineral ones (they reflect and scatter UVB and partly UVA radiation) and natural ones of vegetable origin (unfortunately they are not as effective as the previous two types).

Therefore, when choosing a cream with a filter, you will probably notice SPF, PPD and IPD abbreviations. The first one defines the level of protection against UVB radiation. The number informs about the prolongation of skin response time to the sun due to the appearance of erythema. PPD and IPD abbreviations mean the level of protection against UVA rays. The first one indicates how fast the permanent tanning will appear and the second – immediate tan. The IPD indicator is higher than PPD.

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