Lemon hydrosol: all you need to know about its amazing benefits

Hydrosols (aka flower or herbal waters) are must-haves in many girls’ skin care kits. Even though we like flower waters the most, hydrosols produced from citruses are popular as well. What about lemon hydrosol? What gains can you hope for?

What is a lemon hydrosol?

It’s a universal product suitable for all skin types, ranging from oily and acne skin to sensitive and reactive complexion. You can use it solo or add it to DIY products.

Lemon hydrosol has incredible powers:

  • it soothes irritations.
  • it calms inflamed skin.
  • it acts as a face toner.
  • it purifies face skin.
  • it tightens skin and reduces visibility of pores.

How to use lemon hydrosol to enhance skin?

Use it together with other products or solo. It is an amazing face toner restoring natural pH. Apply it as a base for oil-based serum or moisturizer. Another cool thing is you can use lemon hydrosol instead of water in your DIY lotions and moisturizers. Feel free to mix it with a powder mask and oil to create a face cleansing and moisturizing treatment.

How to store lemon hydrosol?

Lemon hydrosol must be stored in a perfectly-closed, dark bottle. The cosmetic can’t be exposed to humidity, light, air or extreme temperatures. If you don’t follow these rules, bacteria might be developing in the product which worsens the quality of the hydrosol and lowers the effectiveness.

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