Laser Epilation

Every woman dreams od silky smooth skin at any point during day or night, regardless of the season. We try to get rid of unwanted hair on our legs, armpits, and other areas. We often win fights, but what to do to win the battle? There are many methods of removing redundant hair. Some people prefer using razor other mechanical epilator. In both methods, hair usually grow back fairly quickly. There are many other, more effective and permanent methods usually offered in beauty salons or spas. For many years, laser epilation has become more affordable and therefore more popular among young women.

Laser hair removal treatment –the Overview

This method is one of the most effective when it comes to destroying the hair follicles. During the laser epilation, the ray of light acts on the hair that is visible on the surface of the skin and the hair that is its growing phase. The target of the laser impulse is the melatonin pigment, which is located in the hair. The fibre of the hair impulse acts on the roots destroying it.

During the laser epilation hair does not disappear completely after the first session. Thanks to the light impulse, the hair falls out on its own two to three weeks after the treatment. The next generation of the hair is ready for the treatment after around 5 weeks, and 3 to 5 treatments will then follow in 5 week’s periods to destroy all hair follicles. After that, the corrections are done on individual basis. The follow up treatment frequency depends on the hormone level that can change during that time. It is important to realize that either any hormonal imbalance caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, or disease may promote the hair growth in the future.

The skin before the treatment should be tan free and healthy. The optimal hair length is 1-2 mm. The laser treatment cannot be performed on pregnant women and on those who have respiratory or heart problems. It has been proved that the laser epilation is more effective on people who have dark hair and light skin tone.

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