Shower must-have cosmetics: a gel, an oil and emulsion – properties

Many people claim that there are no better shower cosmetics than an ordinary soap. For those who see the soap bars unhygienic, and after washing, they like the scent to last longer, we have other solutions. Gels, mousses, oils and shower emulsions – what are their properties?

A shower gel – properties 

Shower gels have cleansing and regenerating properties. They moisturise and nourish the skin. In fact, a shower gel has similar pH to the skin’s pH. It smells great, however, people with atopic or allergy-prone skin should avoid using it.

A shower mousse – properties 

This product has a very lightweight consistency thanks to which it is extremely pleasant for the skin and leaves it silky soft. Also, it’s efficient – we use less of it, in comparison to a traditional shower gel. One drop of the mousse is enough to distribute all over the body.

A shower oil – properties

It’s a cosmetic ideal for dry and extremely dry skin. It cleanses gently and regenerates hydro-lipid layer, thanks to which, the skin is soft, moisturised, and protected against water loss. A shower oil moisturises the body well enough that there is no need to use a body lotion, cream or any additional products.

A shower emulsion – properties 

A shower emulsion is designed for the care of skin affected by a disease. It should be used by patients with psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis as well as children and adults who get allergic reactions to the ingredients of popular cleansing cosmetics. The shower emulsion moisturizes and gently cleanses irritated and sensitive skin. It does not affect its natural lipid layer, thanks to which it maintains the proper level of hydration and prevents the skin from flaking. The shower emulsion is a non-foaming product that leaves a delicate protective layer on the skin.

Although there are so many shower cosmetics available on the market, most of us opt for traditional gels. The shower gel has many advantages, but other preparations are also worth trying out. If you want every shower to be a feast for your body and senses, use soft shower mousse. If your skin is excessively dry, choose shower oil. In turn, if you suffer from skin problems, go for a shower emulsion.

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