Is it worth using waterproof cosmetics?

Waterproof cosmetics are used to create a permanent makeup that will survive swimming in the sea, intensive training, summer heat and a 24-hour party. What are the properties and effects of waterproof cosmetics?

Waterproof cosmetics – composition and properties

Waterproof cosmetics significantly differ from classic cosmetics in terms of composition. While regular colour cosmetics are made on the basis of water, waterproof cosmetics are made of ingredients resistant to its action. These are mainly oily and dense plant waxes, silicones, mineral and vegetable oils, resins and natural polymers. Such components only protect the makeup against water, but also facilitate the distribution of such cosmetics. In addition, they have conditioning properties, and thanks to their waterproof layer, they protect the skin from the sun and wind.

Waterproof cosmetics – effects

Most waterproof cosmetics are based on volatile substances that evaporate after the application and leave the pigment on the face. That is why waterproof cosmetics maintain their durability for only one season. In order to prolong their shelf life, they should be carefully sealed after use.

Particular waterproof cosmetics – properties

Waterproof mascaras

Waterproof mascaras contain resins and waxes, which are responsible for the visible shine of eyelashes and intense saturation of their colour. Waterproof mascaras firmly stick to eyelashes for long hours, so it might be difficult to wash them off as well.

Waterproof eyeliners

Many cosmetic brands offer waterproof eyeliners and pencils. They are available in black and in all colours of the rainbow.

Waterproof eyeshadows

Waterproof eyeshadows usually have a thick, velvety consistency that makes them very easy to spread. They come in a wide range of colours and forms, that is in pencils, sticks and creams.

Waterproof lipsticks and lip glosses

Waterproof lip care cosmetics give a trendy matte effect and guarantee long durability and high water resistance.

Waterproof foundations and powders

There are not so many cosmetics of this typs. To create your own waterproof foundation, you must fix your regular foundation or BB cream with a waterproof fixer. Fixer is a cosmetic that may come in the form of a spray or powder and it is used to prolong the durability of every makeup.

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