WOW! The TV Show & Film-Inspired Cosmetics – A Thing for the Fans and A Perfect Gift Idea

What do you find more joyful than a quality beauty product? A funky and beautifully-packaged beauty product, of course! If it’s also inspired by Harry Potter, Supernatural or Game of Thrones, the fans go crazy. Such products make great ideas for gifts as well. Check out some TV show and movie-inspired treats offered by cosmetic brands.

The magic of makeup, that is brushes straight from Hogwart

OK, we know you are NOT a muggle and all you need for full happiness is a magic wand. Get it immediately! It is very useful and lets you create a charming effect. We talk about makeup brushes by Storybook Cosmetics which look like Harry Potter, Hermiona Granger, Ron Weasley, Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort’s wands. The brush wands are faithful to the original and look truly authentic, almost like movie props. Of course there’s one difference – they come with synthetic bristles, letting you magic out flawless makeup in a flash (no spells necessary).

Harry Potter-inspired makeup wands is a set of five brushes which ensure amazing durability and unusually precise effect. You don’t get an ordinary makeup – they are brilliant to work with and look gorgeous too.

Apply and blend eyeshadows or use them for full face contouring. Both the durability and quality of the material have no flaws – the manufacturer made sure the magical accessories serve you for long years.

With such brushes, feel free to exclaim Avada kedavra to failed makeup!

Supernatural, super…tasty cosmetics!

The Supernatural lip balms and perfume take over the Internet and steal the hearts of the show’s fans. You can choose between 5 lip balms and obviously each one has a different shade and fragrance. The names are endearing:

  • Sam Winchester’s Favorite Demon Blood (the lip balm has a devil’s trap symbol)
  • Dean’s Favorite Apple Pie (decorated with Dean’s beloved famous car)
  • Angels & Demons – a lip balm of a tasteful combination of vanilla, chocolate and… a note of spicy pepper
  • Demon Bomb – a balm of unusual taste of Black Licorice
  • Castiel’s Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jelly Lip Balm

I’m sure many of you will be glad that the lip balms are free of chemicals and formulated without ingredients having such weird and complicated names that they sound like spells scaring demons away.

You can buy them separately or in a set with a surprise keychain.

Super-natural eye color

I guess Supernatural-inspired eyeshadow palette is a real treat for many fans. The products are well-made, professionally-pigmented and long-wear.

The palette has a black packaging and is decorated with the TV show’s symbols. It looks brilliant, a little dark, mysterious, unknown… and is marked with the famous emblem. The palette is named Join The Hunt and actually you can effortlessly hunt SOMEONE down wearing these colors.

Supernatural palette houses 13 eyeshadows of bold colors and puckish names referring to the characters and the philosophy of the show.

Demon eyes, jerk, hunter, possession – these are just some names of the shades you can purchase. You can use the palette both for daily soft makeup or a bold demonic night look.

Urban Decay x Game of Thrones Limited Edition

These products had been much talked about long before the premiere. Not only because you know… it’s GAME OF THRONES. The interest also results from the fact that the brand is known for sweeping us off our feet with both quality and precision of cosmetics.

Which Game of Thrones-inspired cosmetics can fill in your beauty bag?

Urban Decay x Game of Thrones – the collection knows how to heat up the TV show madness! The first promotional photos of the limited edition Urban Decay x Game of Thrones line were posted on the Urban Decay Cosmetics instagram (@urbandecaycosmetics) – great inspiration for creating Game of Thrones makeup.

Urban Decay x Game of Thrones has been launched by the name For the throne. What should you know about the cosmetics?

Surely, you can’t accuse the eyeshadows of fading quickly or having poor pigmentation. What about the hues? The copper, gold and bronze makeup is the most talked about. However, if you’re into darker and more mysterious colors, no worries – they’re there. You can create everyday subtle as well as sexy wild makeup using For the throne eyeshadows and lipsticks.

As usual, Urban Decay never lets us down – both in terms of quality of the products and the design. The palette looks like a piece of art and the colors are divided into the essential kingdoms known to the fans of the show. There’s even little something for the fans of the white walker (do they even exist?!) – bloody red lipstick.

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