Eyelash Extensions Myths

There is a lot of misconception when talking about eyelash extensions. We have gathered all the crucial information and confronted it with the top British lash technician, Sarah Blake.

Lash extensions can save you a lot of time- FALSE

Ask yourself a question: How long does it take me to apply my mascara? Most of you will answer that no longer than 2 min. Removing the makeup takes up to 2 min as well. It gives you 4 min saved time, which is not a lot. On the other hand, the lash extensions application is much more time consuming. Experienced lash technician can apply extensions in just over an hour. Then, every three weeks you will have to devote another 45 min for the refill session.

Eyelash Extensions damage your natural lashes TRUE

Many women are concerned about their natural lashes when deciding on having the lash extensions done. They are quite right. In standard procedure, one false lash is glued to one natural one. This means that your lash has to carry extra weight for another couple of months. After some period, lashes become brittle and prone to damage. They fall out prematurely and they grow back weaker. However, there is a way to prevent it. You can pump lashes with vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. Good eyelash growth serum can hydrate and nourish lash follicles resulting in lashes being stronger and healthier. Apply the enhancer daily on the lash line to keep your lashes in shape while wearing extensions.

Lash Extensions look fake and obvious- FALSE

There are many types of lash extensions and you can choose the one that look very natural. Lashes are glued together with an invisible adhesive in 1:1 proportion so you will not be able to tell if it is real lashes of the fake one unless you look at them through magnifying glass. Extensions can be synthetic, silk or mink and they come in any length, thickness, curl, and colour. If you decide on 3D, 6D or 9D lashes, the result may indeed look fake and obvious, but if you go for standard 1:1 method, your lashes will look dense and natural. The choice is limited only by your imagination. If you wish you can wear extremely long extensions, but most clients prefer extensions that look more natural, yet still flattering.

Lash extensions are high maintenance- TRUE

Once you have the lash extensions done, you will have to change a few things in your life so they stay in good shape. Firstly, you just cannot get your extensions wet for at least 48 hrs from application. Forget about washing your hair or taking a hot bath. It is advisable to minimalize any moisture for the first week. The adhesive is needs to dry completely before you can go to your hot yoga session. This is the time when the glue can be easily dissolved by moisture and the bond between the extension and your own lash can be broken very easily. Secondly, you will have to stop using oil-based makeup product, as it is even more damaging to your extensions than moisture. The oil based make up remover is the enemy no 1 when it comes to lash extensions. You will have to swap it with micellar water or any other gentle cleanser. From the time you have your extensions done, forget about the waterproof mascara. Most lash technicians advise to stop using any kind of mascara as the brush can pull some lashes out. Additionally, you will have to do your make up without the help of your lash curler as it can easily damage the bond between lashes and extensions.

Lash extensions are not expensive anymore- FALSE

If you thinking about lash extensions, start saving money just now. The first visit can cost anything between £80-160. You will leave the beauty salon in great mood and you are bound to come back just to maintain your high spirit and the condition of your lashes. You will have to find another £35-60 on infill sessions – every three weeks. The price range is wide and as the cost depends on the type of lashes and their amount. It is important to realize that looking for the cheapest lash technician in town is probably not the best idea. Do not experiment with your eye area and go to certified beautician to get the result you want.

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