Shopping for Beauty Products: How To Pick Fragrances and Makeup Products and Not Regret That Later?

Have you ever come home from shopping with a lipstick whose color appeared to be completely different than how you remembered it from the drugstore? Have you ever bought a foundation that does not match your skin tone at all? No worries because such shopping mishaps happen to everyone, even though they may not admit it. Today we will tell you how to prevent such minor mistakes from happening. Check out how to pick the fragrances and makeup products and not regret that later.


1. Lighting matters

The lighting that the overwhelming majority of drugstores have installed in their shops is artificial, meaning that it influences (read: changes) the way you see the colors and shades. Sadly, many consumers forget about this and keep buying makeup products whose shades look completely different in their homes from what they saw in a shop. How to overcome this problem? Well, always check the shade in the daylight. Just apply the foundation to your face (of course, use the tester) and go outside to check the shade. Simple, isn’t it?

2. Is it safe to use testers of pressed makeup products?

Drugstores offer large palettes of testers, no doubts about it. Eye shadows, highlighters, powders and bronzers can be touched, looked at and applied to the skin. Obviously, it is common for such testers to be covered with bacteria, yet there is a way to check the shade safely. Before explaining how to do this, let us give you a piece of advice: Remember not to test makeup products when you feel that your immune system has been having some problems recently. Have you come down with a common cold recently, or are you feeling under the weather? We suggest you postpone testing beauty products for a few days.

If you want to check colour cosmetics on the skin, you can ask a shop assistant to bring you a clean brush. You can either try to put a particular product on yourself or ask the assistant to do it for you – after all almost all professional drugstores hire an experienced and trained makeup artist to assist the customers. With their help you will choose the most flattering shade for you.

You can also make use of a one-use applicator. Many drugstore managers do their best to make sure that the testers available in their shops remain in immaculate condition and that this is always a makeup artist who applies them by always grabbing a disinfected applicator. In short, it is a good idea to check which drugstore meets sanitary requirements and start doing shopping where you can feel safe.

3. Take-away foundation

If you don’t have to get a makeup product this instant, it would be better to take it home and check if it satisfies your needs – no rush. Many drugstores meet their consumers’ expectations by offering them samples and testers of various color cosmetics: foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks and even mascara products.

Ask an assistant for a small foundation tester. It is true that the majority of drugstores offer various tiny containers designed for transporting and storing samples of makeup products outside the shop. Alternatively, you can always carry some small containers with you, so you can leave a shop with a tester in case they have run out of the tiny jars.


Let us be straight about it: Don’t buy perfumes on impuls! 

It is worth realizing that doing shopping in a hurry or making decisions being led by some impulses do not often appear to be successful. Have you ever bought perfumes that after an hour stopped smelling so wonderful as they were right after being applied to the skin? This happens because perfumes are composed of three notes, some of them are sensed right after application, whereas the others are released after an hour or two. Therefore, the next time you look for a new scent for you, spritz one of your wrists with the perfumes and leave the drugstore. Smell the skin no sooner than after 30 minutes to learn its true aroma.

Enjoy your next shopping!

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