Teenager using hair serum. Why not?

Attention! Controversy! Can teenagers use hair serum? Or maybe such cosmetics are reserved to mature women only? In the 21st century no one should be surprised by the view of 13 year old girl using e.g. ampoules with serum for hair growth. In spite of that, the subject of application concentrated hair serum by young girls meets huge controversy. In this article we want to debunk all that was said about it so far!

There is no such thing as being too young for use of natural hair serum. It is absolute nonsense to claim that serum is only suitable for women after the age of 25. There’s more. Some sources even say that these are cosmetics for ladies after the age of 40. When in fact there is no specific age limit and hair serum can be used also by teenagers. Obviously, no one with common sense will ever apply serum on hair of few years old girl, that is out of the question and should be left outside this discussion.

This discrepancy is taken primarily from two properties of the serum, which lead to misconceptions. Most hair serums have higher concentration of active substances than other conditioning products. The higher concentration can be associated with something strong, powerful and at the same time no good for sensitive and delicate teenagers. The other matter is concentrated formula, which causes similar associations. Claiming that “serum is not for children’s hair” is however far from the truth.

There are no contradictions against use of hair serum by teenagers, despite divided opinions on the subject. It is even recommended to use serum in early years. As it is known, serum is an intense treatment, which is used in case of appearance of a problem, like hair loss. It is also known that prevention is better than cure. There is one conclusion – hair serum should be used by young women preventively.

Frequent argument against use of hair serum by teenage girls is often claim that there will be time for that. It is easy to compare use of serum to physical activity. Both are intended to improve condition (hair or body). What would be the sense of starting to exercise after the age of 50? Not much, that is why to physical activity we are encouraged from the early years of life. The same should go for healthy hair with use of nourishing hair serum. It is never to early to start acting, but it certainly can be too late.

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