Lashcode – Nothing But the Best Mascara Combined with Day-To-Day Lash Care

Mascara is more than just make-up. There are mascaras that are known for delivering good eye make-up but, sadly, within a few months of regular use they start damaging and dehydrating eyelashes drastically. Nowadays, we expect the colour cosmetics to do more than just produce outstanding effects in make-up – we also need them to protect and condition. The prime example of this kind of beauty products is a foundation that is designed to create the illusion of flawless skin as well as condition, regenerate and even protect against the sun and toxins. When it comes to mascaras, there are just few of them which actually take care and improve the condition of eyelashes. Today we’re presenting one of them, undoubtedly the best one. Meet Lashcode – the quality mascara of nourishing properties.

Lashcode Mascara: Composition & Properties

Lashcode is the only such a mascara containing that high portion of natural plant extracts, which constitutes a potent fortification for eyelashes and their bulbs. Wheat germ extract combats lash dehydration, increase their flexibility and gifts eyelashes with softness. Soy germ extract stimulates lash growth thanks to which the entire lash line gets fuller-looking and the short eyelashes stop falling out excessively as the aftermath of invasive make-up removal or adverse weather conditions. Skullcap root extract is a precious source of flavonoids that slows down ageing processes and fights eyelash weakening.

Apart from the above-mentioned plant extracts of great power, Lashcode also contains vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 and arginine – substances of moisturising, nourishing and gloss-delivering properties that combat lash damages.

Lashcode Mascara: Does It Work like a Conditioner?

Owing to the accumulation of the high-class conditioning substances, Lashcode is a one-of-a-kind mascara. It’s an exceptional mascara that doesn’t only leave eyelashes perfectly coated but also provides the hair with good health and nourishment. It’s twice as important due to the fact that we wear a mascara for the entire day. For that reason, it’s a good idea to combine the qualities of a mascara with the power of nourishment.

This innovative approach to colour cosmetic means that Lashcode, apart from providing long-lasting and flawless make-up, continuously protects and regenerates lashes.

Lashcode Mascara: Make-up & Effects

Lashcode mascara is a multi-purpose ‘lash stylist’ – which means that with its aid you can produce not one, but a few various versions of yourself:

  • subtle daily make-up – that equals multiplied, subtle and professionally coated eyelashes
  • romantic look – 2 or 3 coats of Lashcode help look to achieve depth, and eyelashes gain volume and curl
  • sexy, evening look – this is the magic of intensive, full of femininity look. Even when applying several coats Lashcode keeps eyelashes separated and gives buildable volume to every lash individually

Lashcode mascara: Reviews

Lashcode is more than a mascara receiving positive feedback from those who tried it. Many people describe it as 2in1 cosmetic; a mascara and a lash conditioner. Naturally, Lashcode doesn’t work exactly alike the modern eyelash serums, yet the very people aren’t far from the truth categorizing Lashcode as a lash enhancing product. Lashcode serves its purpose really well as a protective mascara taking care of eyelashes for the entire day.

Lashcode Mascara: Cost & Where to Buy?

Lashcode can be bought only on the official website. The purchase is fast, the website is clear and intuitive. What’s important, when ordering more than one tube of Lashcode, the price per unit gets lower. It’s a good idea to make use of the discount and split the lower cost with a friend.

Lashcode performance and make-up effects it provides are comparable with the result obtained when using top shelf mascaras, yet the price is definitely lower than Dior, Lancôme or Kat Von D’s products. One tube of Lashcode houses 10 ml of mascara which lasts for a few long months of use. What’s worth mentioning, Lashcode preserves its formula and freshness to the very last coat applied.

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