How to create the perfect eye make-up?

If you want to look your very best and have the perfect make-up, most of all you should match it with your face, brows, and eye shape. Check out how to do it correctly and which beauty tricks to use.

How to choose brow shape for face shape?

In order to achieve the perfect make-up, it is best to start by determining the face shape. It will help you in choosing the perfect brow shape for your face. Pay attention to the fact that:

  • the oval face looks best with slightly bent brows that emphasize this face shape;
  • the round face looks best with brows with arched shape. It will make your face appear longer;
  • the heart-shaped face looks nice with thick brows that are slightly arched. Thanks to it, you can balance the upper part of the face;
  • the long face and flat brows make a great couple. This brow shape will optically make face to appear wider;
  • the square face should have a strong brow definition combined with arched shape. It will make the sharp chin to be less visible and optically smaller;
  • the diamond-shaped face fits curved brows that reduce the wider part of the face.

Make-up and eye shape

The face could not look it’s best without the perfect make-up matching eye shape. Thanks to it face appears more symmetrical and with the use of cosmetics, you can highlight its best assets. That is why you need to keep in mind that:

  • eyes that are close to each other should be made optically bigger – on the inner corners of eyes apply light shadow and on the outside corners use the darker shades. The eyeliner and the second layer of mascara should be closer to the outer eyes corners;
  • eyes set deep should have make-up similar to those that are close to each other. The difference is to start applying the dark shade from the middle of the eyelid instead of just the outer eye corner;
  • droopy eyelids are common for people with mature skin. To optically make eyes bigger, apply dark shadow higher and use a lot of mascara;
  • almond-shaped eyes are believed to be the perfect shape and every make-up type works well for it;
  • the big eyes that stand out should be optically made smaller. In order to do that apply the dark shadow in the inner eyes corners.

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