7 Super Ingredients for Your Daily Skincare Routine

Do you know what your skin needs? Don’t go buying cosmetics at random. Trust the products with substances your skin truly needs. Here are 7 best super ingredients to look for in cosmetics!

The choice of cosmetics for skincare is a seemingly easy task. However, it’s enough to allow yourself to choose a product based on the price or its design to choose such that in no way can help you take care of your skin. The most important is what’s hidden within the cosmetic because the effect always depends on the ingredients. The better composition the better action.

It is time to take a closer look at the 7 super ingredients that you should introduce in your daily routine. Thanks to it every cosmetic becomes a true hit!

7 super ingredients to look for in cosmetics for face care

1. Vitamin C

Irreplaceable in mature skincare because it inhibits aging processes, makes skin supple, and flattens minor wrinkles. It is also an incredible brightening component that allows you to easily get rid of hyperpigmentations – also those post-acne or caused by the sun. Brightening, rejuvenating, and glow ensuring properties of vitamin C are reason enough to use it on your face on a regular basis.

2. Rose extract

Rose-based cosmetics used to be extremely popular years ago. Today, those have their great comeback because we start to appreciate the conditioning properties of the rose. Damask rose extract (the most expensive but also the best) can bring relief to even the most dehydrated skin while having rejuvenating properties. It can also brighten some hyperpigmentations and even out skin complexion.

3. Jojoba oil

Among oils recommended for skincare jojoba oil leads – mostly because its composition is extremely similar to the composition of the human sebum. You should use it mostly for its ability to even out skin pH, protection against free radicals, the fact that it prevents water loss, but also because it regulates sebum secretion. It prevents imperfections so is a perfect ingredient of cosmetics for problematic skin.

4. Kale

Another ingredient to look for in cosmetics for face is kale extract. Though it is more of an ingredient introduced in a diet, it still is also greatly appreciated in cosmetology. Face care products with kale indicate strong antioxidant action, support nourishment and moisturizing for the skin. Often, kale extract can be found in face cleansers.

5. Active charcoal

Irreplaceable in cosmetics for acne, oily, and problematic skin. Charcoal-based cosmetics are the best cleansing formulas with highly detoxifying properties that not only get rid of dirt from the surface of the face but also eliminate toxins. It perfectly cleanses clogged pores and eliminates blackheads.

6. Almond oil

Another great oil worth mentioning among the 7 super ingredients that your skin will love is sweet almond oil. It’s a natural substance with rejuvenating action that allows you to restore your skin with smoothness, suppleness, and healthy glow. What’s more important, sweet almond oil is able to protect skin against harmful UV radiation so can work as a light-weight base for your summer make-up.

7. Ginseng

Quite forgotten ingredient but you should consider getting to know it is ginseng. The extract of ginseng root is used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. What are its properties? Most of all it is an energy boost that stimulates your skin to regeneration and cellular renewal. What is more, it improves nourishment and hydration and all of that has a direct impact on the beautiful and radiant appearance of your skin.

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