The best treatments for eyelashes: eyelash lift, lamination and botox

Even though eyelash extensions give spectacular effects, the procedure itself can weaken the eyelashes. For this reason other treatments that not only add volume but also improve their condition are becoming more and more popular. They are called eyelash lift, eyelash lamination and eyelash botox. How are they different from each other? What is lash botox, what is the procedure and what active ingredients are used? What precautions should be taken after the procedure and what are its effects?

Eyelash lift and eyelash lamination – how do they differ?

The main difference between the two treatments lies in the ingredients used. During the eyelash lift, the hairs are lifted and curled, whereas during eyelash lamination they are also nourished. It is thanks to the application of keratin which by filling in gaps in hair follicles thickens them. Keratin is a thin cover that gives the lashes additional volume. During eyelash lamination a colouring preparation is applied to darken the eyelashes and make them more expressive.

Eyelash lift and lamination also differ in price: the latter costs twice as much as the former.

What is eyelash botox?

Another treatment for eyelashes that improves their natural appearance and condition is eyelash botox. The treatment involves applying on the eyelashes a special preparation based on macadamia and jojoba oils and silk that works as a quick conditioner. The eyelash botox can be an independent treatment or a supplementary treatment, for example after tinting, because it stops the pigment in he hair structure.

Eyelash Botox – three stages

  1. Lifting – aimed at curling and optical eyelash extension.
  2. Dyeing – darkening the eyelashes from the root to the ends.
  3. Applying the eyelash botox preparation.

Botox eyelash – active ingredients

The eyelash botox preparation consists of active ingredients, such as:

  • hyaluronic acid with intensely moisturising effect;
  • keratin;
  • collagen that has a positive effect on the skin of the eyelids and eyelashes, it relaxes, smooths and protects from the harmful effects of external factors;
  • panthenol, which contains vitamin B with moisturising properties;
  • tocopherol with a rejuvenating and prolonging eyelash life cycle properties;
  • argan oil, which delays the effects of aging and accelerates the eyelash growth, strengthens and moisturises them.

Eyelash botox – after the treatment

There are no special precautions for the women who have had lash botox done. They can sleep freely with their heads on the pillow, take a bath in salt water, use standard cleansing preparations, use sauna, wear contact lenses, use mascara and other cosmetics.

Eyelash botox – effects

This is a completely painless treatment that allows you to enjoy beautiful and healthy lashes. The effects in the form of black, long, moisturised ad regenerated lashes last even for 2 months.

An additional advantage of lash botox is saving time: as long as the effects of the treatment are maintained, there is no need to use mascara nor eyelash curler.

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