HD Brows – The Beauty in the Good Shape!

HD Brows takes the brows shaping to completely different level. This innovative, unique method has become the newest must have treatment in the UK. HD Brows focuses primarily on the shape of the brows not on the hair removal. Having the right brows shape to your face makes a huge difference. It can make you look younger, your face appears slimmer, and its features are soften. The treatment is suitable to anybody regardless of the age, sex, skin colouring and it is also recommended for almost all kinds of hair growth types to the brow area.

You can see the HD Brows on the faces of many stars such as Jenni Frost and Cher Lloyd. Kate Prince loves them so much that she decided to train herself and her make-up artist in the HD Brow procedure.

HD Brow is the seven step treatment and a combination of different techniques including tinting, waxing, threading to create the ultimate eyebrow shape. Your HD stylish will first analyse your face shape and work with you to decide which shape suits your personality and your facial features the best. No two people have the same brows and you can have any style of brows you wish; from thin, dark or highly defined.

The next step in the treatment is brow tinting. HD tints are used to even out or darken the eyebrow colour. Then the colour is defined, the excess of the brow hair will be waxed. Special scissors are used to trim back long and unruly hair to create more streamline look. Then it is time for plucking hair with the special thread. Threading is an ancient art of hair removal originating from the East. The stylist uses thread to blend hair into the brow area concentrating on area above the brow line.
Any straight over left hair will be tweezed to prefect the HD brows. The last step involves soothing the skin that was closed to the brows with calming tonic. Special mineral powders are applied to the area to calm and camouflage any redness. HD Brow Beater is applied to set the brow hair into place for an immature finish. The stylish will then use either the HD brow pencil or the HD brow pallet to fill in any gaps and advise you on aftercare. The finally yet importantly, the final step is the home care and this is down to you. To make sure that your eyebrows look perfect in between visits, you will be informed how to take care of this sensitive face area.

For those of you who used to over pluck your brows, you may not see the results of the treatment immediately. Your brows may take up to a year to regrow. To speed up your brow growth use the Nanolash Serum once daily on the clean, skin. It is packed with essential vitamins and active agents that increase the circulation to the hair follicles. Nanolash Serum is also recommended to grow longer and thicker lashes. Apply the product on any sparse areas and your lashes or brows will regrow within 8 weeks.

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