How to Clean Makeup Brushes? A few Tried&Tested Methods

Keeping makeup brushes clean is extremely important to the health of your skin. Find a few ways to clean makeup accessories and enjoy flawless skin and long-wear makeup.

Cleaning makeup brushes is a must

You should wash your makeup brushes at least once a week and if you use thick foundations, you should clean them right after use. Why is it so important? Using clean brushes you make your makeup nicer and longer-lasting. Besides, bacteria and product build-up won’t gather on clean brushes – they would trigger acne, skin irritation and damage.

How to wash makeup brushes?

Dipping makeup brushes in warm water with a bit of mild shampoo is the most popular way. Using circular motions, you lather the shampoo with the brush. Next, you rinse the bristle with running water. You need to remember not to dampen the metal part of the brush because it would make the bristles come off. Repeat the same step until both the bristle and water are clean.

Shower oils are said to be suitable for cleaning makeup brushes. Many girls recommend this method for removing liquid makeup products from the brushes. The procedure is the same as described above. This way has an extra plus – the oil both purifies and softens the bristle so the next makeup routine is much nicer.

Washing makeup brushes with coconut oil is another extremely popular way. At first, you slightly heat up the oil and then apply it to the bristle. After a few minutes, the dirt will be gone. To finish off, wash the bristle of the accessories using a mild shampoo.

The last technique involves making use of ready-made sets – cleaner boards you use together with water and cleansers. You rub the brush against the boards until the dirt is gone.

Protip: natural bristle brushes need some maintenance. After removing the makeup residue from the bristle, apply a hair mask or conditioner to keep it soft and flexible.

Makeup Brushes’ Maintenance

After washing the brushes, you must keep in mind a few rules concerning their care, drying and using:

  • you mustn’t dry them in the vertical position because water will drip towards the metal part damaging the bristle;
  • you mustn’t put the brushes too close to each other because it will keep them from drying;
  • you shouldn’t leave them in a humid place e.g. in the bathroom;
  • you mustn’t put makeup brushes on the heater;
  • drying brushes with a hair dryer isn’t ¬†good idea.

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