How to take care of feet and heels? Useful homemade methods

Cracked and dry heels are not just an aesthetic problem. They may equally be a medical condition which requires you to go to see a doctor as soon as possible. If you have this problem, check out how to take care of your heels and what are the home-made remedies to heal cracked skin.

Why are the heels cracking?

The cause of the heel cracking is the keratinization of the epidermis, which promotes the formation of gaps reaching up to the dermis. Then it causes pain and discomfort when walking. Some cracks may be so deep that bleeding may occur. Furthermore, the wounds will provide a route in for microorganisms that can lead to infection. Other factors that cause heel cracking are: walking barefoot or inappropriate footwear and incorrect foot hygiene. Pathogenic agents can also lead to gaps in the epidermis. They can be caused by: avitaminosis, obesity, diabetes, psoriasis or hypothyroidism.

How to heal cracking heels?

If the cracking of the epidermis has been caused by pathogens, you ought to see a doctor immediately. Then take care of the condition of your heels. A dermatologist, a beautician or a podologist will help you. Good heel-smoothing treatments are the use of a milling machine or the use of a paraffin mask. The total effects will be obtained after a series of treatments; each of them is followed by the application of a medicinal ointment.

Home-made remedies for cracking heels

If the cracking of the epidermis has not been caused by diseases, you can take care of the heel yourself, in the comfort of your own home. The most important thing is to wash your feet regularly and soak them before each treatment. Thanks to this, the epidermis will become soft and easier to remove, and the nutrients will be absorbed better. You can also add salt, oil or herbs to the water. Infusions of linseed, chamomile or fenugreek will be the best. Then you should peel off the thickened epidermis with a grater, pumice or chemical peels.

How to prevent heel-cracking?

Of course, cracking of heels can be cured, but it is a long process. Therefore, it is much better to introduce preventive measures, which should include soaking feet, removing keratinized epidermis and using skin care cosmetics. The products must be rich in vitamins as well as moisturizing and regenerating ingredients. You should also remember to wear appropriate footwear, suited to the season and prevailing weather conditions.

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