Anti-age makeup. How to do a rejuvenating makeup?

Whenever you look in the mirror, are you worried that you look old? Do you think that the only remedy for skin ageing is plastic surgery? Not necessarily. It’s often enough to do a makeup that will take away a few years. The rejuvenating makeup will help to hide wrinkles and brighten the complexion. How to do it? Let’s check this out. 

How to create a rejuvenating makeup? Foundation 

Start your rejuvenating makeup with choosing the right foundation. In this case, it is worth going for thick, creamy foundations intended for mature skin. The anti-wrinkle foundation should have moisturizing and nourishing properties -be heavy and oily. This type of cosmetic also has a highlighting effect, which is manifested by the ability to reflect light from the refraction of the skin.

How to create a rejuvenating makeup? Concealer 

will help you to hide visible wrinkles. For this purpose, use a cosmetic with a slightly yellowish shade and apply it as high as possible – just below the eyelash line, which will cover up the effect of tired eyes. The best choice will be a liquid concealer, which can easily be rubbed with a brush, thanks to which it will precisely fill the under-eye wrinkles.

How to create a rejuveating makeup? Powder 

To make your gain healthy and younger-looking shade, you should use a powder in a rosy shade. Apply it to the entire face with a large brush.

How to create a rejuvenating makeup? Blush 

A cheek blush is designed to give the skin a healthy look so don’t be afraid to use it. Make sure to use products in intense orange or pink colours and be generous when using them.

How to create a rejuvenating makeup? Lip gloss

Bold lip makeup with an intense colour will distract attention from the wrinkles in the eye area. Therefore, a lip gloss is an indispensable element of the rejuvenating makeup.

How to create a rejuvenating makeup? Eyes

Mature women should use eyeshadows, eyeliner and mascara. The most recommended hues are light pink and navy blue. A black eyeliner will visually enlarge the eye provided that it will be applied correctly. Thus, make sure to apply it to the lash line and blend it outwards and upwards in the outer corner of the eye. The whole look will be complemented by a generous layer of mascara.

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