Collect your spring makeup. What cosmetics will be useful this season?

Spring is just around the corner and you still don’t have new cosmetics? It’s time to run to the drugstore and gather new ones.What makeup products do you need? A few of your old cosmetics definitely need a change, and a new color will be useful too.

Spring cosmetics

You can’t help it, in the spring, you should buy new cosmetics. With the change of the season, temperature and sun exposure you must make changes in your vanity case. You will no longer need a dense and cold-protective foundation in light shades, make-up products in subdued and boring colours and rich oiling creams. In the spring, put on light consistencies, bright and cheerful shades, brightening products and cosmetics with the content of UV filters.

Replace the foundation with a more suitable one

The winter foundation is different than the one you should use in the spring, mainly in regard to the texture and shade. You no longer need heavy, dense and oiling cosmetics that protect your face from frost, snow and wind. In the spring, choose a product with a light formula that will survive the first refreshing rains and high temperatures. Choose a different shade of the foundation. In the winter you probably used very light-coloured products. In the spring, when the skin begins to take on an olive or brown shade, you will need a darker foundation. It should also contain a UV filter.

Give your skin a bit of glow

A highlighter is something that cannot be missing from your makeup bag. Thanks to this cosmetic, your face will look healthier, rested, prettier and fresher. The highlighter will give it a natural glow. When applied to the appropriate parts of the face will visually enlarge them. If you apply it to the tip of the chin, the nose, eyelids, cheekbones and temples, your skin will be beautiful and you will gain a younger look.


Another cosmetic that will complement your spring makeup is a cheek blush. It will provide the skin with freshness, lightness and delicacy. It will make you look younger, more rested and even more beautiful. You can apply the blush not only to your cheeks. It will replace eyeshadows and a… lipstick. All you have to do is paint your lips with a colourless, lipstick, and then use the blush. The effect will be brilliant!

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