Effective methods of treating baldness and preventing hair loss

Losing about one hundred hairs a day is considered normal. But what if you lose more? As soon as possible you have to try treatments to prevent baldness. Check what can help you strengthen your hair and enjoy your hair again.

How do you grow your hair?

Hair is the product of the skin. When it comes to humans, the hair does not grow all the time, but periodically, in the stages of growth. The most important of these is anagen, the phase of proper growth. It lasts up to three years and contains 90% of hair. The remaining hair is in the transition phase (catagen) or sleep (telogen). The hair that’s is in the last phase, falls out after some time, and after about three months the hair bulb is regenerated.

Types of baldness

It is quite normal that we lose about 100 hairs every day. However, loss of more hair can be caused by androgenic, paternal or scarring alopecia. The cause of androgenetic alopecia is testosterone, which adversely affects the hair follicles. It makes them weak and in consequence, the anagen phase is shorter. Androgenetic alopecia affects men and women and is favoured by obesity, hypothyroidism and hormonal contraception.

Alopecia areata also known as spot baldness, touches people who live in constant stress or have problems with mental balance. It applies to both women and men. Although it is difficult to treat, you can reverse its effects. Scarring, on the other hand, arises from external injuries or diseases. Unfortunately, irreversible destruction of the hair follicles occurs.

Methods of treating baldness

1. Hair transplantation. Despite the large popularity, the transplant does not inhibit hair loss and baldness. During the treatment, the hair is removed from the places where it grows the most densely. This method does not affect testosterone, it does not stimulate more efficient work of the hair follicles and may involve the risk of not accepting the graft.

2. Rubbing preparations. These can be shampoos, ampoules, conditioners, lotions, or other preparations stimulating hair growth. Unfortunately, the effect of some products is not enough: stimulation of hair to growth occurs only during the course of treatment and it might get stopped afterwards.

3. Oral treatment. During the treatment, drugs are used to inhibit testosterone, prevent baldness and stimulate hair to grow. To maintain the effects of the treatment, the drugs should be taken all the time, which is associated with various side effects.

4. Mesotherapy. Vitamins or platelet-rich plasma are injected under the skin. Thanks to micro-injuries caused by puncturing the needle, the skin cells regenerate, and the introduced preparations stimulate the hair follicles to work more effectively.

5. Laser therapy. The red light influences the stimulating and regenerating effect, which affects the thickness and density of the hair. Unfortunately, treatments should be undergone every day for up to half a year. An alternative to laser therapy may be the use of a red light-emitting brush.

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