Best Beauty Tips & Tricks

Best Beauty Tips & Tricks
We all know the basics of the make-up but not many know that instead of following conventional make-up route we can do things a bit differently. Here are 10 tricks and tips that would make everybody’s life easier.

  1. Before doing you are an eye make-up damp the eye brush with water or eye drops so it can pick up the pigment better. This way the colour will appear brighter and more vibrant on the skin.
  2. If your eyeshadow or a pressed setting powder has been shattered you can fix it by mixing it with the rubbing alcohol. When the shadow dries out you can start using it again.
  3. When your mascara gets clumpy, you can extend its shell life by putting the tube in the hot water for five minutes. Give it a good stir and you can enjoy the perfect eye make-up. You can also add a bit of eye drops so all dry mascara will be as new again.
  4. Try to DIY all expensive beauty products. Instead of buying pricey body scrub do one yourself. Mix sugar with honey, add your favourite scent drops. Viola! Your natural, homemade scrub is ready.
  5. If the expensive mascara that you absolutely love has just run out do not rebuy it. Good mascara in 90% is defined by good brush. Reuse your old, expensive brush in a more affordable mascara. It is bound to work the same.
  6. To apply your liquid foundation try to use the brush or your fingers as they take less product than the sponge. The sponge absorbs a lot of foundation resulting in the product wastage.
  7. Before making, an appointment with the beautician or the hairdresser check the for any discounts in your city.
  8. If you cannot afford expensive Sigma or Mac brush, you can successfully use the cheaper paint brush. You will find them in any craft store. They come in the same texture and size as standard make-up brushes.
  9. Boost your lashes volume by applying gentle baby powder on lashes before the second coat of your mascara. It will make them twice thicker and voluminous.
  10. Create a custom nail polish by mixing your old, broken eyeshadow with the clear polish.

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