Nanolash – extremely long lashes

By Jessy Watson

What should we know about eyelashes? Despite the fact, that they look good, they also protect our eyes from contaminates that come from the external environment. This is the very reason why we should take care of our eyelashes. There are numerous ways of taking care of the eyelashes. One of the most well-known technique is the application of the castor oil or eyelash conditioners. While, the first product can irritate and influence the growth of eyelashes in rather small degree, the conditioners produce more significant and far-reaching effects. So, which eyelash conditioner should you pick? During the purchase it is worth drawing attention towards the following features: natural composition, fast and easy way of application, the period of treatment, effects. One of the conditioners which comprises of all the above-mentioned elements is Nanolash.

up 50% longer lashes

Nanolash – Up to 50% longer lashes


Nanolash eyelash conditioner is created especially for women since women are those who focuses more on their eyelashes and eyes. They want the eyelashes to look good, natural and healthy. From this cosmetic can benefit also those people who have got thin, short, fragile, bright and damaged eyelashes. What is more, Nanolash conditioner is completely safe, so for this reason, it can be used by people wearing contact lenses or who have got tender complexion, especially around the eye area. This product isn’t destined for the under-aged, pregnant and breast-feeding women, and for those, who are undergoing chemotherapy.

The benefits form using Nanolash conditioner are easily noticeable just after a few applications. The product stimulates follicles and hair roots to more efficient work; it also hardens eyelashes roots. What is more, Nanolash boosts new eyelashes to grow; the rest undergo the lengthening, thickening, density and darkening process. During the treatment eyelashes get stronger, regenerate and become nourished, moisturized and a little bit curved. The conditioner cares also about the eyelid skin. In addition, it doesn’t cause irritation but provides smoothing and brightening for the eye skin area.

Nanolash conditioner consists of natural ingredients of vegetative origins. In this conditioner can also be found active substances which are responsible for the growth of the new eyelashes, as well as, thickening and strengthening lashes covering eyelids. Extracts from fruits and flowers essence guarantee all-encompassing care of eyelashes and the eye area. The ingredients used in Nanolash conditioner do not cause any allergic reactions.

The application of Nanolash conditioner is similar to the application of an eyeliner. Before each application there should be performed the scrupulous make-up removal of a face and eyes – the conditioner is able to get deeply into lashes only when the procedure is followed. With a brush, paint a single line just at the base of the eyelashes, on the upper and lower eyelid. The application should be repeated every single evening till the satisfactory effect is seen. Then, Nanolash conditioner can be used every few days.

The first results of the usage of Nanolash conditioner will be visible after two or three weeks of application. The final effects are seen after two or three months. The complex treatment lasts approximately six months – for that period of time Nanolash conditioner (3 ml) holds out. During the last months of the treatment, which means, after receiving the desirable effects, the cosmetic should be used few times in a week.

Eyelash Serum

Nanolash – Extremely Long Lashes

In spite of the fact, that Nanolash conditioner is 100% safe, there should be used some general precautions involving the usage and storage. You must not put the applicator into the eye because of the expected irritation. If some part of the conditioner gets into the eye, you should bathe it with the great amount of water. When the irritation does not concede, you should stop the treatment and consult a doctor. Nanolash eyelash conditioner should be stored in the original, closed packet with the cap tightly screwed on. It is not advisable to apply the conditioner after the expiration date.


The liquid consistency of Nanolash conditioner facilitates the application and assimilation process of the cosmetic. The conditioner does not stream down to the eyes and nourishes lashes roots right after the application. During the application, there is no risk of irritation. Nanolash conditioner does not comprise of any aroma, oily and colorant substances which enhances the comfort of the usage.

Nanolash eyelash conditioner is available on the online sales only The cost of one package is 39 GPB, which makes it one of the cheapest conditioners available on the market. What is more, this price guarantee originality and the high quality of the product.

Nanolash is closed in a black, cardboard box; the top of the package are adorned with silver inscriptions. The bottle in which the conditioner is stored looks similarly to the package. The applicator is an orange brush with a thin top. In the package there is also a leaflet with important information concerning the application and the ingredients.

About Jessy Watson - I am committed to inspiring and improving the way women think and feel about themselves inside and out. My mission is to connect East and West fashion, beauty concepts and designs worldwide.

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  1. HannaH says:

    after about a month, I noticed my lashes were longer and darker

  2. LillyP. says:

    my lashes are very pale and in a daylight it looks as if there were none. I have tried many solutions: henna, castor oil and nothing. Will this serum really darken my lashes?

  3. Sandra says:

    my friend was testing it and she was very happy with it but for me the price is a bit too high

  4. Aida says:

    I am using revitalash and I have beautiful and long lashes

  5. Alex says:

    after three months of treatment I only apply mascara for important events ;)

  6. EmKay says:

    I ordered almost a month ago. So far my lashes got a bit longer but for me it’s more important that the serum does not irritate or cause any allerigies to my eyes like other serums

  7. Joanne says:

    can you use it if you are wearing contact lenses?

  8. Jessica says:

    this is another article and more positive reviews on this serum, I am curious whether it is really that good

  9. Lil_Me says:

    For me it’s the best serum on the market. I’ve already tried several ones and there was somthing wrong with each of them; they either gave me allergies, or the lashes sterted growing in weird directions. This one tured out to be the best without any unpleasant surprises

  10. Karoline says:

    I haven’t tried nanolash yet but I heard only positive reviews

  11. Aria says:

    after reading all the positive reviews I finally bought this serum and but the effect disappointed me. My lashes are much longer but I don’t see that they got darker

  12. Evita says:

    it worked perfectly for my lashes

  13. lady m says:

    yesterday, I received the package with nanoil and I am a little worried if this tiny serum will be enough for the entire treatment

  14. Agnes says:

    I think I’ll finally order it to see for mysefl ;)

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