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Nanolash – extremely long lashes

By Jessy Watson
up 50% longer lashes What should we know about eyelashes? Despite the fact, that they look good, they also protect our eyes from contaminates that come from the external environment. This is the very reason why we should take care of our eyelashes. There are numerous ways of taking care of the eyelashes. One of the most well-known technique ...

Your choice: false lashes vs. Natural lashes

By Jessy Watson
The main task of natural eyelashes is to protect eyes from harmful external factors. They have to prevent toxins from getting into the eye. However, for most of us, aesthetic features are of much bigger importance. This is why we look for original and sometimes even crazy ideas to improve their condition. Are false lashes ...

How to Make Your Lashes Longer? Enhancers test

By Jessy Watson
Who wouldn’t like to have long, lust lashes? We all do, that is why we have tested three popular lash enhancers for you. We have created the list of the most popular lash serums and we went to the city to look for volunteers who would declare to use our products for 12 weeks. We ...