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Nanolash – extremely long lashes

By Jessy Watson
up 50% longer lashes What should we know about eyelashes? Despite the fact, that they look good, they also protect our eyes from contaminates that come from the external environment. This is the very reason why we should take care of our eyelashes. There are numerous ways of taking care of the eyelashes. One of the most well-known technique ...

Is the Mavala Double Lash Serum working?

By Jessy Watson
Everybody would like to have long lashes that is why we try everything we can to improve their condition. Natural oils, creams, and finally lash serums. Mavala Company has released the Double Lash Serum that is supposed to make your lashes much thicker and denser. Thanks specially designed formula rich in to proteins and live ...

Natural skin care products from Veges

By Jessy Watson
They taste great but they can also cure our skin. Do you know what these are? You are right, vegetables. Ideally if they have grown in our own garden. We love their taste but not many know that they can be used used externally? Why vegetables are so good to our health? With fruits, they ...